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Rose Creek Farms

Spring "Farm Day" April 25th, 2009

Rose Creek Farms Spring 2009 "Farm Day" was a great success! We had lots of wonderful food and fun. The weather was a little windy but over all the day was perfect for activities. The pot luck dinner was fantastic. The food consisted of delicious potluck recipes from our members. It was a lot of fun to try the CSA veggies in new ways and share recipes. After lunch we had a tour of the farm and stopped to visit each of the livestock. We explained how we grow our veggies and let them see first hand the food they would be soon receiving in their shares. The kids had a ball visiting the chickens, turkeys, pigs and "Billy" our male goat. A special thank you to the members who came out and made this day a wonderful success! To those who were unable to attend this one, we will be having another one in early Summer. To all our CSA members....we appreciate your support, patience and generosity, You are the greatest!