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Jan 28th. 2012 Growing a Spring Garden Class

Good Morning Pam! I just wanted to tell you that I had a lot of fun in your class.  I feel like I really learned a lot.  You really know your stuff.  I looked around our place yesterday and haven't quite found where to plot my garden yet.  I am hoping watching the sun for next couple of days I will soon know.  I am making my list of what I want to put into my garden also. I have been talking my husbands (Chad) ears off with all that you have shared with us. I  Thank You again and can't wait to get my Garden On!! Take care, Lisa M.

Hello Pam,
Just wanted you to know my dad and I really enjoyed the class today!  Great information and knowledge that I hope I can soon put to good use.  I am cooking the squash and green beans for dinner. I would like to know if I can save and use the seeds from the squash?  Thank you for the wonderful lunch and I look forward to the cooking and canning classes in Mar/April.
Nancy L.


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