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Welcome, we are Ronny and Pam Johnson, proud owners of Rose Creek Farms located in Sunset, Texas. Located next to the LBJ Grasslands. We bought this 30 acre Wise County farm in 2005 and feel extremely blessed to be here. 

Up until then the farm was mainly used as a hunting camp. Hunters come during the different seasons to hunt  the wealth of deer, dove, turkeys and quail. The crop of choice were watermelons and peanuts.

Today we have two vegetable gardens. One is about a half acre and the other is almost 3 acres. We continue developing and enlarging our gardens. We are a diversified farm and grow many different kinds of vegetables and herbs.  We believe farms are meant to be diversified in nature, therefore creating a more natural environment for the development of organic life and natures biodiversity. Therefore, you typically might not be able to pick a large amount (bushel) of any one vegetable or herb unless it was advertised specifically. 

We have 14 acres planted in grasses for the cows and other livestock. The rest of the acreage is trees, brush and a natural creek that runs through the middle of the property.  We enjoy the bountiful wildlife that surrounds us and happily continue growing our veggies and herbs.

A Rose by any other name.....

"Grace taught my soul to pray,
And made my eyes o'erflow;"
and coming to this moment, I can addó
"' Tis grace has kept me to this day, And will not let me go." Charles H. Spurgeon
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