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2013 CSA Membership Form


HOW TO JOIN… Please fill-out this form and return with your payment. Form must be sent in its entirety. Do not edit this application. Please retain a copy for your records.




Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct connection to your farmer.  In support of clean locally produced food we develop a relationship with our community and our land.  We create a unique opportunity for families to receive a weekly share of seasonal produce harvested fresh from our farm.  We share a commitment with our members and hope for a bountiful harvest worth celebrating. Rose Creek Farms CSA is for those committed members who pay a membership fee for a weekly supply of seasonal produce from our farm. This helps cover our operation costs for seed, organic fertilizers, fuel, equipment, labor, greenhouse supplies etc. We plan and work throughout the year to provide our members with an equal share of produce on a weekly basis. The share of produce is available for pick-up or delivery every week during the growing season. There are some breaks in delivery during the summer and late winter, but our goal is to provide 20 weeks of produce throughout the year. Our members generally love fresh vegetables, and love trying new things.  A lot of what we grow is unique, and not available from the grocery store.


 By becoming a member in our farm, you will share in the risk of farming. If we cannot provide food for our Member Share Boxes due to things beyond our control such as weather related events like an early freeze, hail storms or floods then you will still pay for that week and not receive your share. If, however, you do not receive your share due to negligence on our part then we would credit your account to receive a box during a future week. This is where the word "community' comes into play in Community Supported Agriculture. You can trust that at all times we will do everything in our power to make sure you receive your Member Share Box.


Our Shares


You will receive at least 6 to 8 different types of vegetables and herbs each week during the growing season. Our farm grows over 75 varieties with a focus on unique heirloom vegetables. Every family is different, but it will supplement your grocery store purchases, bringing up to the gourmet level, and provides enough food for a couple or an average family of three to four (but most of our members are not average families). Please note “a full share is not equal to 2 half shares”. Our purpose is to provide the freshest, chemical-free produce harvested within 12-24 hours of delivery. 


Our produce will be fresh, nutritious and taste like veggies should! There will be, as farming goes, times of greater varietal choice in what you will be receiving than at other times. The choice in what goes in the box is determined by what’s in-season and available for harvest on the farm. There is no choice, by the member, of what goes in the box. This is called ‘eating in season’.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised each week when you open your ‘present’ of good tasting, healthy and nutritious foods grown just for you. We will also include recipes to give you new ideas on how to prepare vegetables you know and those you’ve never tried!


Rose Creek Farms 2013 CSA Membership Subscription:


Spring (April-May) Gourmet lettuce, arugula, amaranth, baby greens, radish, beets, turnips, kale, chard, spinach, cabbage, broccoli rabe, potatoes, herbs, mustard greens, Asian greens …..Lots of greens!!! Summer (June-July) cucumbers, beans, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplant, melons, watermelons, herbs…Late Summer Break (Aug-Sept) the farm takes a 6-8 week break every year depending upon the weather. We take this time to prepare for the fall. Fall (Sept.-Nov.) peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, beans, squash, zucchini, green tomatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, kale, mustard greens, Asian greens, lettuce, baby salad mix, collards, herbs… Lots of greens!!!


WHAT IS THE COST?  Our goal is 20 weeks of produce throughout the year. The annual membership is divided up and members pay three payments due Jan. 1st, April 1st and Aug. 1st. 


Note: An additional yearly non-refundable farm membership fee of $30.0 per membership is required to help pay for: Farm Ins., Farm Events, packing items and etc. This non-refundable fee is due upon acceptance of your application and first payment regardless of what time of year you join.


˙ Full Share = Jan. 1st. $210.0, April 1st  $280.0, Aug. 1st. $210.0 (20 weeks x $35.0 = $700.0 + $30.0 annual non-refundable membership fee = $730.0 total per year)


˙ Half Share = Jan. 1st. $150.0, April 1st  $200.0, Aug. 1st. $150.0 (20 weeks x $25.0 = $500.0 + $30.0 annual non-refundable membership fee = $530.0 total per year)


Fee Example:

If you join in the 2013 Spring season you will need to send in your completed application, your fee for Jan 1st. and your annual farm membership fee of $30.0. This application is good for three consecutive seasons as long as you pay the next fee scheduled above by the due date.


If you join in the 2013 Summer season you will need to send in your completed application, your fee for April 1st. and your annual farm membership fee of $30.0. This application is good for three consecutive seasons as long as you pay the next fee scheduled above by the due date.


If you join in the 2013 Fall season you will need to send in your completed application, your fee for Aug. 1st. and your annual farm membership fee of $30.0. This application is good for three consecutive seasons as long as you pay the next fee scheduled above by the due date. 


Each season is planned in advanced and there is limited space available. Membership is available first-come, first-served until we are full. If farm membership is full at the time you send your Application & Membership Fee, we can return your check or hold it for the first available space. The waiting list may be for up to 6-12 months depending upon the season. No checks will be accepted without the entire completed application form.


WHAT IF I'M OUT OF TOWN ONE WEEK? Let us know so that we can provide more food for our other members, or we recommend that you find someone who is able to take your share. The garden still grows and we still need to harvest.


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EMAIL ***required to receive weekly updates***


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CSA Member Responsibilities


•As a CSA member, you share in the bounty as well as the risks that accompany farming. CSA membership allows you to forge a connection with your food, the farm where it is produced, and the people who grow the crops. As such, Rose Creek Farms CSA membership is a season long commitment. If you can’t finish out the season as members, for whatever reason, you are welcome to reassign your share to another household, but in general we don’t issue refunds for shares.

•Try new things! Be a good example to your children and eat your greens, take pleasure in the familiar as well as the unfamiliar. Challenge your culinary skills with new recipes, new combinations, and new ingredients.

•It is your responsibility to know when and where your share will be delivered and to pick it up during your site’s open hours, on delivery day. The farm will not issue credit for unclaimed or forgotten shares.

•If you are unable to pick up your box on delivery day, make alternate arrangements for your produce ahead of time. You can ask someone else to pick up your box for you, you can ask the farm not to make a box for you that week, or you can ask your site coordinator to hold your box for you for a later pick-up.

•Keep a copy of your order form, receipt and site coordinator contact info. We have a long delivery season and knowing your delivery dates and what you are signed up for will save us a lot of time and postage.

• Read the newsletters that accompanies each delivery. Besides news from the farm, we communicate important announcements, provide recipes, and extend invitations and special offers to you through them.


Please note: We reduced the amount of scheduled weeks of delivery for the year from 28 weeks to 20 weeks recently. This allows us to better fulfill our commitment to you and give us a little more time to get the crops in each season. However, if the season allows, there may be another week or two available for delivery beyond what’s scheduled and pre-paid. We will offer these added shares for an additional fee based at the share price you signed up for. These shares will be offered toward the end of each CSA season and payment will be collected for them at that time. Participation in these additional weeks offered will be optional.


Member Agreement


By signing below I understand that I am committing to an annual subscription described above as consisting of a goal of 20 weeks of produce and that I will pay in advance three payments DUE Jan1st, April 1st and Aug. 1st. Along with my one time annual non-refundable farm membership fee of $30.0. A seasonal share will be managed, harvested and prepared for me each scheduled week. I understand that I am committing to a full year and my pre-payment fees help cover the annual costs of labor, fertilizer, seed, equipment, etc. to develop the CSA garden and that NO refunds are available, however, I can cancel at anytime or transfer my subscription to another family member. As a member I agree to share in the bounty and the risks of farming with the farmers and other CSA members. I understand that each week's produce will be different and based upon seasonal availability, insects, weather, and other acts of God.



Member Signature and Date


Drop site location: On-Farm only.


Notes and Comments:



To become a member, you will need to include your payment with this printed form, and submit to the address below...Make checks payable to Rose Creek Farms Mail to: 418 County Road 2788, Sunset, TX 76270. We will send you an email confirmation of your membership acceptance within a week of mailing your application and fees. If you do not receive this email please let me know ASAP.  A week to two before the season starts we send out an introduction email that answers the most commonly asked questions. Please remember that we correspond strictly through email. You will be responsible for checking your email periodically for updates and news about the deliveries.