Rose Creek Farms

Rose Creek Farms

"Lady Bug Mania" 

2012 Beneficial Insect Day

April 18th, 2012

Rose Creek Farms Spring 2012 "Lady Bug Mania " was such a fun day! We would like to thank the 3rd graders from Windthorst Elementary who came out and shared the day with us.

Days Activities

We had lots of fun games and activities from Hula Hoop Pass to Rikki Tikki. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a little breeze. The kids had a great time on the hayrides, petting and holding the baby chicks. Feeding the baby pigs. They got to go inside the chicken houses and several boys got to witness a chicken laying an egg! What timing! We let 36,000 lady bugs loose into the garden. The kids tried to carry them to the plants to help them survive better. They were quite amazed at the lady bugs. 

Thank you so much to the chaperones who came and helped with the children.

More pictures are coming I still haven't loaded them all.