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2009 SUMMER CSA Membership Form


HOW TO JOIN… Please fill-out this form and return with your payment.



Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct connection to your farmer. In support of clean locally produced food we develop a relationship with our community and our land.  We create a unique opportunity for families to receive a weekly share of seasonal produce harvested fresh from our farm. We share a commitment with our members and hope for a bountiful harvest worth celebrating.


Our CSA is for those committed members who pre-pay for a weekly supply of produce. This helps cover our cost for seed, organic fertilizers, equipment, labor, etc. We plan and work the garden to provide the members with an equal share of seasonal produce. The share of produce is available for pick-up every week during the growing season.  Our members generally love fresh vegetables, and love trying new things.  A lot of what we grow is unique, and not available from the grocery store.


By becoming a member in our farm, you will share in the risk of farming. If we cannot provide food for our Member Share Boxes due to things beyond our control such as weather related events like an early freeze, hail storms or floods then you will still pay for that week and not receive your share. If, however, you do not receive your share due to negligence on our part then we would credit your account to receive a box during a future week. This is where the word "community' comes into play in Community Supported Agriculture. You can trust that at all times we will do everything in our power to make sure you receive your Member Share Box.


Our Shares


You will receive at least 6 to 8 different types of vegetables and herbs each week during the growing season. Our farm grows over 75 varieties with a focus on unique heirloom vegetables. Every family is different, but it will supplement your grocery store purchases, bringing up to the gourmet level, and provides enough food for a couple or an average family of four (but most of our members are not average families). Our purpose is to provide the freshest, chemical-free produce harvested within 12 hours of delivery. 


Our produce will be fresh, nutritious and taste like veggies should! There will be, as farming goes, times of greater varietal choice in what you will be receiving than at other times. The choice in what goes in the box is determined by what’s in-season and available for harvest on the farm. There is no choice, by the consumer, of what goes in the box. This is called ‘eating in season’.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised each week when you open your ‘present’ of good tasting, healthy and nutritious foods grown just for you. We will also include recipes to give you new ideas on how to prepare vegetables you know and those you’ve never tried!


Rose Creek Farms Summer CSA Membership Subscription:


Beginning June 24th, enjoy at least 10 weeks of fresh seasonal vegetables including cucumbers, beans, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplant, melons, watermelons and a variety of herbs.


˙ Full Share cost is $30 a week 30 x 10 weeks = 300 dollars for the subscription. Fee is to be included with this application.


˙ Half Share cost is $20 a week 20 x 10 weeks = 200 dollars for the subscription. Fee is to be included with this application.


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Member Agreement


By signing below I understand that I am committing to 2009 Summer Season Member Subscription described above, which allows me to purchase a share (check box above for fee) of the harvest for a 10 week increment and that it provides me a weekly box fresh, just-picked, IN-SEASON produce. I understand that each week's produce will be different and based upon seasonal availability, insects, weather, and other acts of God. My payment fees help cover the seasonal costs of labor, fertilizer, seed, equipment, etc. to develop the CSA garden and that NO refunds are available, however, I can cancel at anytime or transfer my subscription to another family member.



Member Signature


Drop site location: Delivery day and time are subject to change. Please circle one - Denton, Decatur, Arlington or Wichita Falls drop off.


Notes and Comments


To become a member, you will need to include your payment with this printed form, and submit to the address below...Make checks payable to Rose Creek Farms Mail to: 418 County Road 2788, Sunset, TX 76270. We will send you a confirmation of your order with details for your drop-site.